Our school competed in the Greenville Karate Championships Sat. April 29th 2017. We won more trophies per capita than any school present. Out of 7 competitors we won 20 trophies, mostly 1st place. Emily Honeycutt won 1st place in fighting, 1st in kata, 1st in weapons, 1st in 2 person synchronized music kata, and 1st in team fighting. Sara Lorenzo won first in black belt fighting, 1st in 2 person music  kata and 3rd in weapons. Zachary Sparks won second in fighting, and third in kata, Bryce Clark won 2nd in 2 man kata and 2nd in fighting, Myles Love won 1st in kata and 2nd in team fighting, Camden won 2nd in fighting and second in team fighting. D’Angelo won 1st in fighting and 1st in team fighting, Sarah Councell won 1st in fighting and 2nd in kata.  What a performance, People were asking, what do you feed those students!!!