We Have over a dozen 5 star ratings. Former students and their parents have been glad to grade us. There is a lot to learn in a good karate school like ours.

We train our bodies, our minds, and our spirits to rise up to the challenges of life, to make ourselves better citizens and neighbors, and ultimately to be of some kind of meaningful service in this world.


  • learn responsibility (being on time, clean uniform,conducting yourself in an appropriate manner)
  • learn to focus on the task at hand
  • learn the name of the muscles conducting the movement
  • train guidance ability
  • train resistance against pressure
  • train speaking ability
  • train spirit of strive
  • learn to avenue and gear your thoughts and feelings

Class Schedules

Sensei Dula holds classes throughout the week for different levels. Visit our Class Schedules page to find the right class for you or your children!

Tournament participants and students of Jerry Dula Karate in Asheville, NC


Sensei Dula not only teaches, but organizes annual tournaments for students in the area. Visit our Gallery to see past events.

Jerry Dula Karate of Asheville, NC

About Us

Sensei Dula is passionate about training his students for success and good living.  He engages with them on their level and gets to know them for who they are by offering lessons from Karate that can apply to the rest of life.  Fighting in the karate school can be a powerful lesson on how to live the best way possible with courage and responsibility.

What Can I say about Jerry Dula and his Karate school. I spent most of my childhood there. I learned alot from my time with Sensei Dula. He taught me not only how to defend myself, but how to carry myself. Now that I am grown with children of my own I hope to pass on half of what he has taught me. Here’s to another 40 years Sensei!!

- Bryan W. via Facebook Reviews

I started karate under Sensei Dula in 1984, I stayed three years under his watchful eye. I actually made Black Belt in Shorin ryu. I remember being on my tail end a lot while fighting. I am now training students and I continue to fall back on what Sensei Dula taught me He has made a huge impact on many lives over the years.  Thank You Sensei !!

John Roberson

Black Belt, Johnson City Karate Studio

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